Advantages of a fishing kayak over a regular fishing boat

An ordinary inflatable boat is very popular among fishermen, but kayaks for fishing are already widely used in the world. They have a huge number of advantages, which is important to know when choosing a vessel for fishing.

Kayak is suitable for fishing on the big open water and in small reservoirs – in any situation kayak will be a reliable way to move the fisherman, which has a huge number of important and convenient facilities for successful fishing. The fisherman has nothing to do but enjoy the sounds of nature and keep an eye on the rods.

Experienced fishermen purchase kayaks for fishing on the Dnieper or other large open water bodies, as this is a truly successful purchase. Kayak average cost can cost the buyer cheaper than the cheapest inflatable boat, made of PVC. In this case, buying a kayak, the fisherman cares not only about savings, but also about their own health.

Advantages of using a kayak for fishing

  • The kayak is easy to transport. It is easily mounted on the roof of any car, one person can easily cope with the movement of the kayak.
  • There is no need to register it as a means of transport. To register any vehicle, you need to obtain a license, pay taxes, conduct mandatory technical inspections. With a kayak everything is simple – these procedures are not necessary. The fisherman just needs to bring the vessel to the reservoir and enjoy the process of fishing. Or just relax, listening to the sound of the waves.
  • easy to store. The kayak easily fits in any garage, it can be mounted under the ceiling – it doesn’t take much space, as the highest kayak is no more than 50 cm high.
  • maneuverability and compactness. On a kayak you can reach the most hard-to-reach places of a body of water or overcome a swamp thanks to its small size. It can easily overcome thickets of reeds and grass – a motorboat is definitely not capable of it. Often to move through the marshes is enough that the grass is wet, the presence of water is not necessary. Due to the small size a kayak can not only squeeze into the farthest corners of reservoirs, but also overcome the flooded areas of forests – it is not afraid of tree roots and protruding branches.
  • smoothness and ease of movement. Kayak is able to swim silently on water not frightening away fish. A special structure of the kayak allows without excessive noise to dip the oars into the water – it is very difficult to achieve on an ordinary inflatable boat.
  • sporty lifestyle. Kayaking keeps the body in athletic shape – it is clearly better than the usual fishing on the shore, accompanied by a feast and lazy pastime. Traveling in a kayak trains the muscles of the shoulder girdle, spine, helps to lose weight and tighten the body.
  • stability and capacity. Fishing kayak does not sink in the water thanks to the material of which it is made – it is a 3-layer polyethylene. It does not let the water pass through. Moreover, inside you can place the luggage and things necessary for fishing.
  • Almost every kayak is equipped with blocks that increase buoyancy, or install a special partition inside the kayak, which separates the luggage compartment from the free space. Such design details increase stability on the water and minimize the possibility of turning the kayak upside down.
  • Integrated rod mounts. In single-seat and double-seat kayaks for fishing on the river or other water bodies there are pole mounts – in the front and behind the fisherman’s seat. The number of fasteners may vary depending on the kayak equipment and its type.
  • Clamps allow the fisherman to free his hands and not to keep the rod in his hands all the time, because they securely fasten the rod. If necessary, you can buy additional clips and easily install them on the body of the kayak.
  • Locks for compass, boxes and jars with baits. A handy thing, which allows you not to worry that the bait will scatter on the kayak or accidentally fall overboard, and the compass arrow will always be visible – so it’s easier to determine the direction of the kayak.
  • Manual control and the presence of an anchor. Having this system gives you full control of the kayak, and the anchor will keep the kayak firmly and securely in place. Additionally you can install another small anchor – it weighs very little, about 1.5 kg.

  • pedals. Their presence gives the fisherman’s legs a rest from the constant strain. A fishing kayak with a pedal drive minimizes fatigue not only of the legs, but also of the whole body.
  • Luggage compartments and containers. Fisherman will be able to put the necessary gadgets and valuable things (money, phone) to enjoy the process of fishing, not worrying about their condition.
  • An oar restrainer. They perfectly fix the oars so that they do not interfere with the fisherman during the process. These locks are available in all types of kayaks, fastened on both sides of the kayak.
  • A ruler to measure the fish. Caught catch you want to measure immediately, but not always there is an opportunity to do it immediately. A ruler will always be handy. Provided in most kayaks, is located at the feet of the paddler, which is very convenient.
  • Availability of an echo sounder. It, if you want, can be installed inside the hull. It is preferably the echo sounder should be small, as it will not occupy much space in the kayak, but will properly perform its functions.
  • ease of maintenance. Kayak does not need to be repaired or painted – just wash it with a microfiber cloth with a nonaggressive detergent. Kayak is ready for use all year round – it does not require any training or technical inspections.

Sea and river fishing is a lot of fun if you use a comfortable, high-quality means of moving around a body of water. Some fishermen believe that large fish can easily knock over a kayak because of its low weight. Even single-seater kayaks can withstand the stubbornness of sturgeon or even pike.

In addition, some kayaks can withstand even big waves due to their stability.

Thanks to the one-piece casting technology with which modern kayaks are made, water does not get inside. If water does get inside the kayak while paddling, it flows freely through the drainage holes to get rid of the liquid. These holes can be closed with a cork if they are not needed.

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