Choosing a kayak for a beginner

Canoeing has become one of the types of active family leisure activities. Not only adults, but also children are eager to learn how to paddle kayaks and master the skill of paddling. This sport is becoming more and more popular among fans of recreation with health benefits. But it can be very difficult to choose a kayak, as beginners are not particularly guided in a huge selection of equipment. It is not easy to buy a kayak that is suitable for a swimmer, if you do not know the basic information about it when choosing.

Is it difficult to choose a kayak for a beginner

In most cases, kayaks for beginners and children are selected for walking on the water, so that the beginner learns to properly understand the technique of operating the kayak and paddles. Depending on this selection of paddles – when choosing them, you should also take into account some features: weight, length. Our consultants can help you with this. They will tell you how to choose a kayak for a beginner and what equipment will make rafting on the river comfortable.

For a beginner it’s hard to master the technique of operating the kayak and the paddles perfectly at once. For this you need to practice enough, using the right paddles and kayak.

Varieties of kayaks

The variety of models of kayaks, which are now produced in different parts of the world is simply impressive! Only on our site you can find more than 100 models of different kayaks. We strongly “filter” our assortment, offering our customers only the most interesting and best quality models. But even after the first stage of our selection of the most interesting models of kayaks it is not easy to make the final choice.

To successfully choose the right kayak for you, you need to have an understanding of what you are choosing and for what purpose.

Depending on the type of kayaking you are doing or plan to do, you need to choose a kayak that meets not only the water element you are going to use it in, but also other parameters – your height, weight, level of training and kayak mastery, etc. If you’ll choose your kayak blindly without paying attention to the main requirements and selection criteria your rest in a kayak has all chances to turn into the total “headache” and a problem for you and others around you. In Ukraine you can often meet new kayakers who chase short kayaks only for the convenience in transportation and storage but who forget about the main thing – about performance and performance characteristics of kayaks. In this section we have collected quite a lot of material necessary for a better understanding of kayaking and its types.

We hope that this information will be useful for you and you will be able to define exactly what kind of kayak you need for your tasks and goals.