Kayaking with children: family camping trips

Summer is a time to spend with those closest to us. When summer is over, what will we remember? Work, rest with a smartphone in our hands? Then you will definitely regret that there is nothing to remember.

Family kayaking trips with kids is a great way for the whole family to get away from their smartphones and TVs to have fun and spend time actively. You don’t have to sail far away from civilization. Just try to arrange such a “vacation for one day” for your family. Even Sunday will do, and you don’t have to take a vacation. Try it, especially since it’s easier than you think. Some tips for those who risk a family vacation.

How to go camping in a kayak with kids?

  1. The most important thing – safety. Take a child with you only when he is able to adequately perceive the advice of adults. Explain that it is not allowed to fall over the edge of the boat. Get out of the kayak can only be with the help of adults. And buy life jackets for children, with plenty of them. If suddenly one of the vests is punctured, you have a spare.
  2. Want to vacation in a large group and are worried about coping with several children at once? A little tip – the more children in the group, the more they are locked in on each other and not bother the adults question.
  3. Dry clothes should be stocked up. You never know what will happen. It is better to have a waterproof bag from which at the right time you will get a pair of dry pants or a clean T-shirt. With children in general it is better not to move anywhere without a spare set of clothes.
  4. Do not let the children row if they are not physically ready for it. Say, if you have a strong and brave daughter 7-8 years, you can give her the oars. And if the child is 9-10 years old, but he is very weak in health, do not demand from him the impossible. Everything is good in moderation. Explain this in advance.
  5. Do not take a carload of toys. It is better not to take toys at all: there is less danger of losing your favorite teddy bear or cat. During a water trip, kids often have no time for toys. There are so many new, unexpected and interesting things around. The water world: fish, seaweed, frogs, after all. There will be something for kids to do anyway.
  6. Don’t plan too long a trip. A 3-4 hour kayak trip will be enough for starters. You all manage to get tired and get a lot of pleasant emotions. Next time you can plan a trip for a whole day or longer.
  7. Do something nice for the kids – stuff a plastic bottle with a lid with small candy. When camping you always want to throw something in your mouth, and the bottle won’t get hurt if it falls in the water.

Canoeing with kids is a more challenging activity than just boating along the seashore. Start with a walk on the sea in the doldrums or along the smooth surface of the lake. Then have a family rafting trip.