When is the best time to go kayaking?

Kayaking is easy and available wherever there is a body of water. Any season is suitable for it, although the ideal time for comfortable kayaking is spring, summer and fall. Warm weather, of course, is preferable to cold weather. For recreational and sport kayaking, this creates great conditions for exploring the region or tackling a variety of challenging trails.

Winter brings more hazards: cooler weather not only adds to the discomfort of outdoor activities, but also affects water temperatures. Depending on your location, ice can be a problem. Some winter kayaking trips may require a guide to ensure safety.

Kayaking equipment

Kayaking is a relatively simple activity. It requires only a few essentials, although other equipment may be needed as the intensity of the sport increases.

The basic equipment for kayaking is:

  • kayak – a narrow watercraft in which you sit;
  • paddle with two paddles – using a windproof paddle helps you move through the water and is a vital tool for kayaking;
  • helmet – head protection – this is very important when out on the open water;
  • Life jacket – every water sport poses the danger of going underwater, and wearing a life jacket is a logical step to keep you afloat;
  • waterproof shirt and pants – even small waves or a splash of an oar can get you wet. Proper clothing allows you to stay dry and comfy throughout your kayaking adventure;
  • Safety goggles – If you will be navigating difficult waterways, splash protection may be necessary to keep your field of vision clear to detect potential hazards;
  • sturdy shoes – if you’re facing conditions in which staying dry is a pipe dream, having quality shoes is a must. Even when getting in and out of your kayak, you need a reliable pair of sneakers that provide stability and comfort;
  • A waterproof bag – this will keep any valuable items (documents, money) dry while you travel on the water.

Your particular kayaking experience will determine what you need to bring and wear to make your walk or trip safe and fun. Of course, if you include any other activities in your kayaking experience, you may need to bring more gear.